Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Prayer for Owen Meany

" The Little Lord Jesus", chapter 4 of A Prayer for Owen Meany was at first inappropriate and completely awkward. After 13 pages of hearing about "beetleskins" and pornographic magazines, the dialogue finally started to get a bit more serious. Feeling frustrated with hanging in the air and being laughed at as the angel for Mrs. Wiggin's pageants, Owen decides to take charge and "suggest" a handful of changes. Owen Meany proves to be a Christ-like figure once again, by volunteering himself to be Baby Jesus. He also relates to the armless motif of Watahantowet when he is swaddled in clothes when he wants to have his arms free. Although he has the capability of of his arms, this detail signifies how important arms are. Despite the fact that Owen Meany is a Christ-like figure, he takes a large interest in sexual paraphernalia. This is an ironic characteristic of Owen Meany's because Christ was celibate. However, this does not mean that he isn't a Christ According to How to Read Literature like a Professor, all Christ like figures don't have to be good.

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